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Watch the media coverage – see how slanted toward Israel it is.

Terrorism, according to American media, only counts when it’s performed by (brown OR Muslim) people.

Yesterday Israel bombed the building where the international media were based covering Gaza. Bombed it flat. They already had the editorial boards of the major outlets locked up, but it doesn’t pay to take chances. Don’t want any stray truth leaking out.

Vive la Difference

This is not even an exaggeration.

Let the Biden presidency put the final nail in the coffin of that disgusting trope that “there’s no difference between the parties.” There’s a shitload of difference.

One of the two parties is trying to kill you for not being a millionaire, and it’s the one that rhymes with “Zepublicans”.

Philippines One-Upmanship

Click thru for all the racism and corruption

I know someone who lauds the wonders of the Philippines as a retirement spot. I’ve been told things like, “Oh you’ll be amazed how far a social security check goes here.”

There’s might just a reason they can hire servants and handy help so cheap. But nothing is really free. Just like the legacy of slavery and native genocide in this country, the white colonizers built a tropical paradise on pools of indigenous blood

The USA said, “Nobody in the world can do inequality, white privilege and neo-fascism like we can!” And the Philippines replied, “Hold my Sarsi!”

Ding Dong

I touched on this last entry; I feel we need to celebrate some victories over evil.

Georgia (Georgia!) flipped the Senate blue. Pumpkin showed his true fascist colors. Joe Biden was indeed inaugurated. A bunch of trolls on reddit exposed what a steaming pile the whole stock market is. And… Rush Limbaugh died.

If you don’t think it’s seemly to celebrate a death, no matter whose, you don’t get the gestalt of Rush. Rush has been cheerleading for every apex of evil that has crept into the American psyche in the past thirty-some years. Making “liberal” a dirty word? Check. Making intellect something detestable? Check. Coining “feminazi”? Check. And on, and on. The removal of this wellspring of toxicity from our national discourse might be the single best thing that has happened this year yet.

Besides: who else could get #RestInPiss trending on Twitter?

Inspired by Wonkette

Thug Life

They’re going to acquit him. All optimism to the contrary is unfounded.

Trump may be too willing to say the quiet parts out loud, but he’s not an aberration. He is what the Rethuglicans are all about.

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