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School Control

Here we go again: #noparody

Home schooling was actually proposed as a remedy for school shootings.

Public education is a giant enemy to the fascist right AKA the mainstream Rethuglican party.

Florida – why do we pretend?

Why do we pretend this is part of our country? Why do we pretend it’s part of Western Civilization? Why do we pretend that the Enlightenment ever happened, for this benighted place?

Florida state officials who are in charge of disciplinary actions for teachers’ misconduct are witch-hunting their way to find out who bought a copy of Gender Queer for Orange County high school libraries. Presumably, an example will be made.

Story here: here (paywalled: also archived here)

Yes, we have all read the tales of Nazi Germany as the Third Reich consolidated its power. People’s jobs were threatened and they were also subject to violence from random thugs who were mysteriously never seriously pursued, let alone caught, by the police. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

Asking for a friend.


That’s it! They are trying to reintroduce predators. This fits all the known facts…

I mean, these people are really devoted to the natural order of things! Remember, they are the ones who voted to let babies starve, unless their mothers can start lactating on demand.

The Onion Gets the Story

‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens

And they run this story… over and over.

Now the shooters themselves are starting to be more explicit. This latest one, literally around the corner from my office, was explicitly and exclusively about race.

And directly echoing villains like Tucker Carlson, or Elise Stefanik, whose exercise in stochastic terrorism would land them in jail if the “justice” system here weren’t such a joke.

Gödel’s Loophole

From the always-excellent Futility Closet:

In 1947 Einstein and economist Oskar Morgenstern accompanied Gödel to his U.S. citizenship exam because they were concerned about his unpredictable behavior: During his voluminous preparation for the exam, Gödel said, he had uncovered a flaw in the U.S. constitution that could lead to a dictatorship. Einstein and Morgenstern told him that the exam would really be quite simple and urged him not to prepare so extensively.

At the hearing, judge Phillip Forman asked Gödel:

“Now, Mr. Gödel, where do you come from?”
“Where I come from? Austria.”
“What kind of government did you have in Austria?”
“It was a republic, but the constitution was such that it finally was changed into a dictatorship.”
“Oh! That is very bad. This could not happen in this country.”
“Oh, yes,” Gödel said. “I can prove it.”

“So of all the possible questions, just that critical one was asked by the Examinor,” Morgenstern wrote later. “Einstein and I were horrified during this exchange; the Examinor was intelligent enough to quickly quieten Gödel and say, ‘Oh, God, let’s not go into this.’

The logician got his citizenship and the friends returned to Princeton. What was the flaw that Gödel had found? There’s no record of it in Morgenstern’s account, so we don’t know. Stephen Hawking suggests that it involved the president’s power to fill vacancies during Senate recesses, and Barry University law professor F.E. Guerra-Pujol conjectures that it might involve the constitution’s power to amend itself. Maybe it’s best if we never discover it. [emphases mine]

Futility Closet

Oh, but… we’ve re-discovered it. We have indeed. Not only did Gödel know about it, but it seems to have been no surprise to Forman.

I would say, it’s related to the Paradox of Tolerance. And to the fact that the Constitution was actually designed not for all the people of the United States, but for the white male landowner faction alone.

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