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Freedom of the Press

To what extent should the freedom to lie, and to undermine society, be protected? I think in the case of Fox News and its even crazier cousins to the right (OAN, etc.) the Paradox of Tolerance may be kicking in.

The problem is, of course, this overlaps enough with the interests of capitalists that nothing will be done and it will proceed to its logical conclusion.

Good Points

He made some good points!

Oh yeah, there’s more. Click!

Police Training

The 60 rounds shot into Jayland Walker, we are told, were what one would expect based on the police training.

This is unsurprising to me, but not for the reasons that apologists would expect.



That’s miles and miles in the rear-view. That ship has sailed. Not content to shred every line item in the Bill of Rights except of course the Holy 2nd, on the last possible day of their term they gutted the EPA. Just a final lagniappe for their corporate, fascist masters.

This is now an institution that will not sniff in the general direction of “legitimacy” until it is dismantled and re-imagined.

They sang WHAT?

Now I am normally a “vote blue, no matter who” kinda guy.


House Democrats sang God Bless America on the Capitol steps as the chants of protesters could be heard from Supreme Court after the Roe v Wade decision.

Yeah… so that happened. Tone deaf doesn’t even scratch the surface of this. This is what the Democrats in Congress do while a secular, diverse political order is nuked to make way for a Christo-fascist regime. Fuck these people. Never getting another vote or campaign dollar from me.

From Roe v. Wade to the latest rulings on Miranda rights, mandatory school prayer, and mandatory funding of religious schools from public money, this court is coming to tear down every single instance of individual rights INCLUDING the 1st Amendment.

Except, of course, the Holy Second. Just as Jesus taught it, in the Sermon on the Mount. I am sure. That will be the last “right” standing: then the fascist regime will come for them too.

I hope to be gone before it gets to that point.

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