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Who thinks there’s a chance in hell that Derekkk Chauvin will be convicted? Or even if convicted, serve one minute of jail time.

The game is rigged.

Get Jabbed

The vaccine against COVID-19 is available to most now.

Get it.

Of course, in their bid to keep a perfect streak alive of being idiotic and anti-life, the Rethuglicans are tossing around reasons not to.

Check out the rest of their arguments — the one you see here is one of the better ones. I’m not kidding.





Remember Dr. Birx? She was the one that Pumpkin used to replace Fauci, in order to give his lies and idiocy about COVID-19 some dusting of scientific legitimacy.

But the poor thing, she had to have a very uncomfortable phone call with the presi-dink after she accidentally spoke a few words about COVID-19 that were true, that one time.


It’s tough being the chief science officer on the starship USS Pumpkin, its five-year mission, to finish the Rethuglican imperative to make sure there is nothing left of this country that might challenge Putin.

Well, we know why.


It should be noted that a big, big reason the networks did not call Pumpkin on his bullshit for most of his reign of terror, was that he kept bringing them the eyeballs.

So his freedom to whip up the amount of hatred, racism and Nazism that he has enjoyed, he owes very much to CNN and MSNBC. That’s right — it’s not all on Fox News.

The Hate Business is Booming

Pumpkin really knew the issue that would get Joe Sixpack off the couch, didn’t he?

In a disgustingly predictable development, the (Pumpkin-appointed) FBI director has said, “it does not appear motive was racially motivated.” Yeah, he just had a bad day.

A huge component of the ongoing tradition of American violence against everyone who doesn’t look like a 16th Century Northern European is, that all victims who are not lily-white are to blame somehow for their own persecution. Because white men can’t possibly be in the wrong.

Treason is treated the same as murder – winked at when you’re white. And racism continues strong as the American brand.

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