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Tura Lura Lura

Traditional, if somewhat Americanized version of this Irish classic

Van Morrison and The Band bring it up to date without letting go of its sweetness


Today’s topic is Prisencolinensinainciusol, an Italian novelty song from 1972. I first saw this a few years ago, but I was reminded of it again a few days ago by this article.

I was surprised that this was so old. I took the styles in the video for retro. Nope, it was 100% contemporary. Here it is: (volume up!)

The TL,DR; this is purported to replicate what American English sounds like to native Italian speakers. It comes from Celentano’s fascination with American popular culture.

Compare it to this:

Joey puts out what, perhaps, French sounds like to an American speaker.

This Is Real Life

I found this a while ago. Blogging it for the first time.

I give up nothing to anyone in my love of Queen, but I have been to a concert (with Freddie!) and seen many films, and I have never seen them attempt the operatic bridge live. Yes, Panic at the Disco did slightly simplify the arrangement, but… still!

She Gives Me Fever

and she knows who she is.

Is this the sexiest song ever recorded? I think so.

Is this Peggy Lee cover of it the best? Ditto.

If you disagree, well, you are free to be wrong.

Gershwin Prize

We’re watching the 2+ hours of this prize ceremony / tribute. It’s all pretty incredible. Even the part with Stevie Wonder. (You’ll see what I mean.)

No small part of it is, that this man’s music has been the soundtrack for much of my life. But I also remember watching with my mouth open as this happened


Live from New York, on a Saturday night.

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