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Who else is sick of these:

Jan. 6 panel says it has evidence Trump broke laws in trying to overturn the election

POS who will never be held accountable for anything

Dozens of times since 2015 we have been treated to headlines like this, detailing felonies perpetrated by this waste of oxygen, only to have what the English irreplaceably call, “sweet fuck-all” come of it.

Sick of it. Stop putting these teases in front of us until someone is going to do something about one.

Because it’s a lead-pipe cinch this congress ain’t.

program note: #waltzwednesdays is on a break while I hunt up more good subjects.

Pithy title

Punchy intro outlining latest political outrage.

Somewhat logically connected additional facts of dubious provenance.

Obvious stock photo of
concerned citizen

Three arguments about why the political outrage is so outrageous.

Two supporting facts that actually contradict the points in the preceding paragraph.

Quote from the first story cited that doesn’t really pertain to the main point

opposition figure we all know we’re supposed to hate

Conclusion that presumes the original premise has been established whether it has or not.

Witty afterword.

Aren’t you glad this blog is not quite so formulaic as that?

This Actually Explains a Lot

Where did all the parody go?

This is why we can’t have nice things, or parody.


Goodbye, 2021

Last installment of the calendar year! So here’s a year-end listicle as is required of all the bloggers, according to Section 8 rule 34 of the Constitution. Or maybe it’s the Constellation? Idano – one of those old battleships. Anyway. Without further ado, nor any adieu:

My Top 10 posts of the year

Madam Vice President Jan. 24

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Teacher’s Day – May 4 May 4

My Banks’ Websites Suck May 22

Bowling Balls Jul. 13

IoT Attack, Incident Response Jul. 25

Balloons! Sep. 6

Owl Woods Oct. 3

When I’m… Nov. 26

An Analogy for Boxing Day Dec. 26

Social Media Update

It’s been a year+ since my last post with this title so… why not. And as always, this is Where To Find Me.

Facebook remains off-limits for me (by choice, in case you were wondering). I have found it useful to install this browser extension, Impulse Blocker, and set it to prevent my browser from going there. Not because I am ever tempted, but because booby-trapped links are fairly common.

I tried a Mastodon site for a while but it did not suit me. I am not sure if that’s down to Mastodon itself or this particular instance of it. I did not care for the local term for a posting. In my old-fashioned brain, a “toot” is quite a different utterance.

I am on Twitter and LinkedIn, more for professional purposes than anything else. And Reddit is an interesting place to discover new things. Reddit also hosts many passionate user communities of tech I use, which makes it a sometimes-OK place to get help. Some such “communities” can only mock people who don’t already know the answers to the questions they ask. But “hey, it’s worth a try” is my guiding principle in situations like that.

My microblogging platform of choice remains diaspora*. I moved my base in May from pluspora to diasp.org. Both are fully federated so the difference is really just technical. Pluspora went through a spell of reliability and performance issues, while diasp.org is solid so far.

Finally, this looks interesting: Minus. A social network where you get 100 posts for your lifetime limit. That’ll keep the noise down, won’t it? You’d think.

We’ll see.

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