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Outage / Finished

The move is complete. Please report any errors in the comments or by email to kahomono (at) kahomono.com

I expect to post again on April 6.

Two Surgeons Walk Into a Bar

…and the bartender says, Oh, another paradox.

Like when I post a blog entry to tell my readers I don’t really feel like posting a blog entry.

Catch a traditional fave in two days, #WaltzWednesday


I have been doing this thing since early 2015. WordPress tells me today’s is the 1500th published entry.

I started this as a project to which I committed to post every day. After a couple years, I cut back to every other day. Still a commitment that sometimes I find challenging.

I have tried to keep this varied, to live up to the “random” in the tag. But of course there’s been a strong tendency to respond to the provocations of our national politics, since late 2016.

I also have a tendency to post music I like. For a while there were Train Music Thursdays. Then I added Waltz Wednesdays, and then Train Music Thursdays came to an end. Other postings are sprinkled around with music, just because.

Which is a pretty fair description of why I have this blog at all.

Just because.

Posting Irregular

Posts will be irregular the next few days.

Of course, some think they always are.

Google Minus

In a hair over three weeks, Google Plus will shut down. While they are within their rights to do this, the way they have handled it has shown absolute disregard for millions of end users.

But you know, if you’re not paying for it you’re not a customer. You are the products. In this respect it’s evident that the difference between Google and Facebook is, Facebook got caught first.

Meanwhile, read and weep for what Google once wanted to be, and has since apparently abandoned: Here

Finally – here is all the everywhere I will be instead.

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