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Social Media Update

It’s been a year+ since my last post with this title so… why not. And as always, this is Where To Find Me.

Facebook remains off-limits for me (by choice, in case you were wondering). I have found it useful to install this browser extension, Impulse Blocker, and set it to prevent my browser from going there. Not because I am ever tempted, but because booby-trapped links are fairly common.

I tried a Mastodon site for a while but it did not suit me. I am not sure if that’s down to Mastodon itself or this particular instance of it. I did not care for the local term for a posting. In my old-fashioned brain, a “toot” is quite a different utterance.

I am on Twitter and LinkedIn, more for professional purposes than anything else. And Reddit is an interesting place to discover new things. Reddit also hosts many passionate user communities of tech I use, which makes it a sometimes-OK place to get help. Some such “communities” can only mock people who don’t already know the answers to the questions they ask. But “hey, it’s worth a try” is my guiding principle in situations like that.

My microblogging platform of choice remains diaspora*. I moved my base in May from pluspora to diasp.org. Both are fully federated so the difference is really just technical. Pluspora went through a spell of reliability and performance issues, while diasp.org is solid so far.

Finally, this looks interesting: Minus. A social network where you get 100 posts for your lifetime limit. That’ll keep the noise down, won’t it? You’d think.

We’ll see.

Outage / Finished

The move is complete. Please report any errors in the comments or by email to kahomono (at) kahomono.com

I expect to post again on April 6.

Two Surgeons Walk Into a Bar

…and the bartender says, Oh, another paradox.

Like when I post a blog entry to tell my readers I don’t really feel like posting a blog entry.

Catch a traditional fave in two days, #WaltzWednesday


I have been doing this thing since early 2015. WordPress tells me today’s is the 1500th published entry.

I started this as a project to which I committed to post every day. After a couple years, I cut back to every other day. Still a commitment that sometimes I find challenging.

I have tried to keep this varied, to live up to the “random” in the tag. But of course there’s been a strong tendency to respond to the provocations of our national politics, since late 2016.

I also have a tendency to post music I like. For a while there were Train Music Thursdays. Then I added Waltz Wednesdays, and then Train Music Thursdays came to an end. Other postings are sprinkled around with music, just because.

Which is a pretty fair description of why I have this blog at all.

Just because.

Posting Irregular

Posts will be irregular the next few days.

Of course, some think they always are.

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