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Back to Normal?

What’s normal? I did announce a break for some travel. I didn’t expect to let it stretch to two months, but it did. Anyhow, I’m back now.

The Rochester Security Summit is coming up and I will be speaking there.

Other than that… the usual panoply of political outrage continues.

Plus ca change, plus c’est le meme merde

Blog Schedule

The blog is officially an every-other-day thing. It’s been spotty lately as I continue to dig out from under the technology chaos caused by my search for a final stop of a Linux distro (look back a week or so on this blog for details).

I submit that it may continue spotty for another couple of weeks, as various non-routine events take over. I will post when I can and provide possibly-amusing anecdotes when I do.

Some Clips

Dawn of Man
The Delicate Dance of Docking
“Can’t” is a lie, as usual

that’s it. that’s the post.

Post 2000

On Feb 3, 2015, I posted “Hello, World“. Coincidentally, someone just recently posted to Hacker News an bit about why that phrase is the canonical beginning of learning any new programming language. For me, Hello World is a germ of consciousness inside that computer, liberated by a coder to poke its head up and greet the rest of the world.

So 1,999* times since then, I have poked my head up with something to say. Sometimes a little, sometimes more. Sometimes just to quote a pithy cartoon that wishes it were parody, but is #NoParody.

Also: Happy Flag Day!

. . . we now return you to our regularly scheduled snark 

* – In 2016 I moved the blog from Google to WordPress. I think a posting or two got lost in the migration. But the WordPress stats say this is post #2,000, and so it is.

It’s Monday Somewhere?

The response to “what time is it?” should not be “where?”

Thanks to the weird habit we have of time-zoning the planet, it might actually be Monday somewhere. And I do owe an update on Monday.

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