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That’s it! They are trying to reintroduce predators. This fits all the known facts…

I mean, these people are really devoted to the natural order of things! Remember, they are the ones who voted to let babies starve, unless their mothers can start lactating on demand.

The Onion Gets the Story

‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens

And they run this story… over and over.

Now the shooters themselves are starting to be more explicit. This latest one, literally around the corner from my office, was explicitly and exclusively about race.

And directly echoing villains like Tucker Carlson, or Elise Stefanik, whose exercise in stochastic terrorism would land them in jail if the “justice” system here weren’t such a joke.

America’s Gun Culture

Here’s hoping they’re wrong about which one is the anomaly.

I don’t think they are, but I hope they are.

Bowling Balls

photo: David Olson/Detroit Free Press

A Michigan man found 158 bowling balls under his back steps while doing a bit of site work for a new deck. This is usually going to be one of those news items that’s mildly amusing, and a little odd, and a pleasant diversion.

But then there was a line near the end of the story that caught my eye and literally made me a little more pessimistic about the USA and whether it can be saved from idiocy. Or even whether it should be.

He also donated eight balls for a nearby church to use in a bowling ball cannon at a pig roast.

What…? The…? Fuck…? “Bowling ball cannon”? That’s a thing? Why, yes, yes it is. I hit up Duck-Duck-Go and discovered a place that makes these. They are fired using black powder, and have a range of almost a mile.

That paint job is perfect.
Nothing says “‘Murrica!” like this.

Just the kind of entertainment you expect at a church picnic. What could be more “meek shall inherit the Earth” than launching 16 pounds of hardened rubber capable of destroying the neighbors’ barn? Or the neighbors.

By the way, if you’re wondering why this is legal, it’s because you use black powder. Black powder is simply gunpowder that’s only almost as efficient as the powder used in modern ammo. So you’ll only kill people a little less dead with it.

Whatever Works?

No. Just no.

They’re going to kill each other now that they are vaxxed? More likely some toddler will get hold of one and kill their sibling.


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