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Here we go again

Yet Another mass shooting, as a 4th of July parade is shot up by a Trumpanzee.

There he is, in all his Aryan Youth glory. Guess what? He was somehow arrested without incident or injury, despite being heavily armed. And he’s just fine. He is now free to go get congratulated by some judge like this POS and he could well be back on the streets in time for Christmas.

Meanwhile in Akron

The local schutzstaffel – sorry – ACAB fraternity – sorry – constabulary popped threescore caps into Yet Another unarmed man, Jayland Walker, to make sure he was really really most sincerely dead for the crime of DWB. He is now free to go get buried.


“Acceptable loss”

Today the Senate passed some tinsel and spray-on snow to pretend it’s Christmas for people who are rational about guns. They need to make believe they are not going to continue sucking the NRA’s d*ck as long as they can, to continue taking home the cash, for the fifteen minutes that it matters while we’re paying attention.

More background checks. Mental health funding. CERTAINLY not the teeniest tiniest restriction on the actual bloodletting devices.

It’s the Guns

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In 1996 Australia had a mass shooting in Port Arthur. They enacted gun control and did a buyback.

They Haven’t Had a Mass Shooting Since.

They have the same movies we do. The same video games. The same mental health issues. The same the same the same… except the guns.

It’s The Guns.

Repeal the 2nd Amendment!

Groundhog Day Every Day

over and over

Let’s see for yesterday (Jun 1) we have three to choose from. We have the hospital in Tulsa, the high school in LA, or the WalMart in Pennsylvania.

Someone I saw recently quipped to the effect we should have just saved a lot of materials and made all our flagpoles half-height. I have been saying that for a while now.

Straight News Reporting

That is all Tom Tomorrow / This Modern World is now. There is #NoParody

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