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One More Puzzle!

Who loves puzzles?  I love puzzles!  I especially love making puzzles.  So I made this one for you to solve.  Submit the correct answer to today’s puzzle for a delightful prize.  This is a picture puzzle: the image will lead you to the instructions on how to submit the correct answer.


A one-year subscription to LastPass Premium will be awarded to each of the first two submitters of the correct solution to this puzzle.

GCHQ Christmas Puzzle

I hope you are all working on the annual GCHQ Christmas Puzzle.  I have gotten a running start but the deadline for entries is January 31, so you have plenty of time.  Yeah, I know GCHQ are into the same kind of shady or illegal stuff that our NSA get up to.  But it’s still kosher, in my book, to enjoy the puzzles they put out.  Nobody makes fun puzzles like a bunch of crypto-nerds!

No spoilers, don’t worry.

The first part was fairly straightforward but required patience and attention to detail.  When I had the A-HA moment about the general nature of what we’re looking for, the online references to specifications for such a thing were of great help.  I am definitely going to hide an “Unknown” type Geocache using this method sometime soon!

As for the second part, I do not believe it can be solved in the manner that it makes seem obvious.  At any rate, not without sheer luck.  I found a quick & dirty way to solve it, instead, and I do believe that was the intention of the puzzle-makers.

Now I am stuck on the third part.  Still not ready to throw in the towel, however.  Check in with me after Christmas.


Puzzle Pause

I have been posting a lot of Geocaching puzzles (adapted to solving without actually logging the cache).  man-confused-sad-hi

Puzzle #1  Puzzle #2  Puzzle #3
Puzzle #4  Puzzle #5  Puzzle #6

So, not to be blunt but… is this something you folks want to do?  Is it really?  Because submissions to the solution page are… kind of thin.

If you’re trying to solve these, talk about it in the comments.  Ask me for hints.  Or discuss amongst yourselves.  Show some life….




Geocaching Puzzles #6: Hidden Pictures

Radish Basket

Geocaching Puzzle #5: Those Dang Roaming Charges

Fifth in the series

Enter your solution in the page linked to the right for your clues to the eighth and final puzzle. Solve that one first for a free one-year premium subscription to LastPass!

I should have left the phone at home and gone on my vacation the
old fashioned way: off the grid!

They say not to mix business with pleasure — or is it leisure? 10 19 36 50 53 58
Well, Verizon is my cell carrier and I had to relearn that lesson 6 7 15 30
recently. I headed over to Canada wine country like six weeks ago 9 28 40 48 55
for some RnR. While there, I got a text from work saying there was 38
a problem. Not wanting to run up expensive voice minutes while out 35 44 48 57 58 61
of the country, I texted back that I was a temporary expat and very 21 55 64
likely it could wait…? Exiled or not, it couldn’t wait. Text after 2 8 16 27 61
text arrived, pleading for me to call in. I caved and they got me 3 10 20 39 41 45 64
on the phone with sixteen other people for about forty-five minutes. 21 37 58 62
Then, this past week, I got the bill: the voice was OK after all, 9 23 40 50
because my plan provides no family roaming in Canada, not just 12 17 34 43 47 52
domestic. But those ding-dang text messages were $3.20 each! 8 16 22 28 41 60

Note: no actual cellular budgets were harmed in the making of this message.

You know what to do.

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