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Nerdy Games

Wordle is the game polluting all your social media feeds with weird little diagrams like this one:

Wordle 234 4/6

So you either love or hate this, by now. I happen to love it. I am also loving Dordle:


You are playing for TWO words, in the same style as Wordle. You get seven guesses instead of six, but you have to get both words to “win”

And of course, as they say on the internets: obligatory xkcd


We all need secrets. Especially, the passwords and other codes we use to access online systems.

People. Stop.

There’s no good reason why this should keep happening!

But yes, we can do better. See how, here: Your Passwords Suck.

And look for an update of that item soon – progress never stops.

Alexa, Be an Idiot

There are a lot of reasons not to have an Alexa or any of the “smart” things. This is a new one, though.

I got a new TV, which was of course a “smart” TV. I simply refused to connect it to the Internet in any way. All these things are privacy bombs. Don’t have them. Don’t use them.

It’s Baa-aack!


Sorry – this is just a trailer

Oh man oh man let me tell you: find the episode (Season 6 Episode 1) and just watch that first battle, between SawBlaze and Minotaur.

Oh man.


Still kind of a problem in search of a solution. But that won’t keep silicon valley types from jumping on the bandwagons

Click for the whole sordid tale

The latest craziness is NFTs – you buy a digital coupon that says you own something. Something that’s already online and freely available. Like, a .jpg that will render in anybody’s browser who bothers to click on it. But you have a coupon! That you paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for! Seems legit.

This is all an attempt to create scarcity where none really exists. That seldom ends well. The Internet has destroyed the scarcity of just about all information-based assets, and the old zero-sum games no longer play well.

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