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I pretty much have no stomach for the way politics is being corrupted by the two biggest social media sites. F6k, I stay off of completely.

But Twitter, it has kind of a quiet corner in the back where all kinds of InfoSec folks hang out. I find that congenial. But I’m thinking all the worst deplorables are about to start feeling empowered there once again. So I am keeping an eye on what comes next.

Norwalk Havoc

Spending a day watching robot combat at Norwalk Havoc Robot League. It’s going on until late in the evening.

Here’s the current stream

And oh by the way: Depth Charge should have been DQ’ed. #justiceforjames

Tanned, Rested and Ready

Back from my little B-Sides break. Back in fighting form and ready to take it all on!

B-Sides is tiring… I slept as much in the past three nights as I do in a typical week. But it’s all worth it. So much nerdery concentrated in one small space, it does my heart good.

A day at a B-Sides is a cure for this syndrome.
Coolest Badge EVAR

Let’s see who recognizes the reference at the title of this entry. Comment with the answer for a little prize: one of those badges.

Shaping Up to be a Good One

B-Sides Rochester is coming, and it’s… what it says in the title.

We’ll have tech talks, we’ll have a CTF. We’ll have a lockpick village, and something I have not yet seen: an intelligence village. Not to mention a crypto challenge.

And as every year lately, the day before, we have training.

Get your CPE fix and have some fun! Hope to see you!

Get tickets here

Nerdy Games

Wordle is the game polluting all your social media feeds with weird little diagrams like this one:

Wordle 234 4/6

So you either love or hate this, by now. I happen to love it. I am also loving Dordle:


You are playing for TWO words, in the same style as Wordle. You get seven guesses instead of six, but you have to get both words to “win”

And of course, as they say on the internets: obligatory xkcd

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