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I pretty much have no stomach for the way politics is being corrupted by the two biggest social media sites. F6k, I stay off of completely.

But Twitter, it has kind of a quiet corner in the back where all kinds of InfoSec folks hang out. I find that congenial. But I’m thinking all the worst deplorables are about to start feeling empowered there once again. So I am keeping an eye on what comes next.


We all need secrets. Especially, the passwords and other codes we use to access online systems.

People. Stop.

There’s no good reason why this should keep happening!

But yes, we can do better. See how, here: Your Passwords Suck.

And look for an update of that item soon – progress never stops.

Alexa, Be an Idiot

There are a lot of reasons not to have an Alexa or any of the “smart” things. This is a new one, though.

I got a new TV, which was of course a “smart” TV. I simply refused to connect it to the Internet in any way. All these things are privacy bombs. Don’t have them. Don’t use them.


October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and the social media giants are going all out. Facebook down for a day because of what amounts to a clerical error. In its production network configuration. Oops. And the error was equivalent to, “Where’s the spare key to the fire safe? It’s safe. In the sealed envelope. In the fire safe.”

Meanwhile, Twitch is now one of the largest open source projects in the world. Just… not on purpose. All their source files were doxxed after they left a server wide open and connected.

The short answer is, there’s no privacy online. If you are going to use electronic means for anything you would not willingly publicize anyhow, you need to be very careful.

Signal, the topic of the cartoon, is very good in this department. Not perfect, but pretty damn good. Use it.


Is it OK for your hobby to resemble your work? My hobby is, apparently, my home computer network and its various servers and endpoints.

My latest project is a pretty big server (by home standards) with 64G of RAM and 32T (4 x 8T) of disk. I aim to have this take over a number of functions currently being done by a handful of smaller machines.

Now one of the 8T drives is showing early failures and I have to idle the thing until I can get a fresh one from the distributor.

My wife has made the probably wiser choice of hobby. Birding bears no resemblance whatsoever to her “day job.” Maybe I should have gone that route.

Oriole at the Feeder

How gorgeous is that?

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