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I haven’t the slightest bit of a religious feeling, as may be evident from this blog as well as my online postings. Yes, I used to. But I can assure you, it’s as long-gone as my belief in the Tooth Fairy.

Nevertheless I cannot deny: religious feelings have inspired some really superior music. And for all the Bach and Handel, this might just be the pinnacle of it:

Oh, there are thousands of recordings of this song. It’s one way to tell if the bagpiper is any good.

But this call & response performance of it is a cut above.


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Theocracy is not the final goal of the ones at the top. Fascism and unfettered greed is. But theocracy is the way they can sell it to the rubes. And those of us with working brain cells, and less than 10⁸ dollars, are stuck in the middle.

Oh, yeah that Supreme Court stooge Pumpkin is pushing through started her “hearings” today.

Late Friday Early Caturday

Gertrude knows that a basket of freshly folded laundry is a bed we have custom-made for her.

When one knows something that is not true, they know it really fervently.

it is God’s will that I lay here!

Stupidity Burns

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I have long asserted that the apparent stupidity of Rethuglicans is wilful and malicious. If you saw Pumpkin turn his daily COVID-19 hour of lies (“press briefing” LOL) into a commercial for My Pillow today, you now know what I mean.

But even more seriously: read this article. The aim of the right-wing noise machine now appears to be literally to reduce the population. To kill as many of us as they can.

Other conservatives have framed protective measures as a threat not only to America’s rugged individualism but to masculinity. The Christian pastor Jonathan Shuttlesworth referred to social distancers as “sissies” and “pansies” who have been “neutered,” and described Christians who use hand sanitizer as having “fake faith” and “no balls.” Another minister said he would never close his church, because his congregants were not “pansies.” Some politicians, including the lieutenant governor of Texas, and pundits, including Glenn Beck, have gone so far as to suggest that older Americans should be willing to risk death to preserve the economy.

The Conservative Campaign Against Safety

Good old toxic masculinity! Just when you thought that was something we only worried about in happier times, like 2018. This may be evil of me but I really sincerely hope they get exactly what they wish for. That is to say, they should get exactly what they wish for you and me.

NOW I’m Scared

Pence is now in charge of the US response to COVID-19 aka Coronavirus.

Let’s see how he did with his last public health crisis: click through!

This is beyond frightening. A man who fully credits the wilful ignorance known as religion as the #1 guiding force in his life and his work.

Here’s his first action as your Coronavirus Czar:

Gawd will fix it?

When this fails, Pumpkin will blame Pence and Pence will blame teh Gay.

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