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Surprisingly Hard to Watch

We recently watched Being the Ricardos, which was quite good on its own, and also put us in a nostalgic frame of mind about I Love Lucy.

So we got hold of the series, and I must tell you: it was a great disappointment. It’s just hard to watch.

Desi Arnaz was enormously talented and his talent is on full display. And as Ricky Ricardo, he’s married to someone who’s at least his equal*, and he treats her like an annoying teenager. He cannot tell her often enough that her role is simple and circumscribed: clean the house, cook the meals, have the babies.

I miss liking that show… but I’m glad we’re at a place now where this is our reaction to it.

* – in-character, she’s his approximate equal. In the real world, as entertainers, Lucille Ball was the equivalent of dozens of Desi Arnaz

It’s Baa-aack!


Sorry – this is just a trailer

Oh man oh man let me tell you: find the episode (Season 6 Episode 1) and just watch that first battle, between SawBlaze and Minotaur.

Oh man.

That’s Amore

Yes it’s cheesy. Yes it’s a cliche. But ignore all that for a minute:

Dude had some serious pipes.

That is all.


Click for all the oppression

This is, of course, actually about people being fired for refusing masks/vaccines/testing. In other words, for insisting upon endangering co-workers and the public in the name of their devotion to the MAGA cult of ignorance and hatred.

What these “beliefs” have in common with other MAGAt fantasies like Dominionism, is that they are not about people following their own conscience in deciding how to live their own lives. They are weaponizing decent people’s respect for others’ beliefs into an attack against decency itself.

Farewell, Betty

I’m plenty old, but Betty White’s TV career had about ten years on me.

Until yesterday, she was the last surviving member of the main casts of two absolute pillars of American comedy: The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and The Golden Girls.

Thank you, Ms. White, for a lifetime of fun and laughter.

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