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Saturday Morning

Weird title for a #WaltzWednesdays post, isn’t it?

This stupid song is the only thing I remember from that movie

This silky-smooth song will come at me from out of nowhere, and proceed to get stuck in my head for days on end. Earworm? Ear-bait-store, more like it.

Now you can enjoy it, too.

This is How Democracy Ends

Click for all the tricks in the book

When even this nonsense is not enough, when they lose the electoral college anyway, the final plan is simply to appoint the president they want. They ran a dry run this past Jan. Come Jan of 2025, there will be less rioting and more certifying the losing candidate.

Mark my words. Let’s bet. I’ll be happy to be wrong.

Whatever Works?

No. Just no.

They’re going to kill each other now that they are vaxxed? More likely some toddler will get hold of one and kill their sibling.


Happy Pride!

It’s important to remember that celebrating June as Pride month may date back to Stonewall, but the rebellion in support of LGBTQ+ rights goes back even earlier

Click for a quick history lesson

And just like this woman, we can’t stop. The current Supreme Court is no friend of anyone but white Christian men, and we have a long road to fixing that.

News as Parody

From a presidency that could not be parodied, to a Congress that cannot be.

Maybe the events themselves are starting to just be the parody.


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