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Freedom of the Press

To what extent should the freedom to lie, and to undermine society, be protected? I think in the case of Fox News and its even crazier cousins to the right (OAN, etc.) the Paradox of Tolerance may be kicking in.

The problem is, of course, this overlaps enough with the interests of capitalists that nothing will be done and it will proceed to its logical conclusion.

Get Down

and play with your kittehz! It’s #Caturday!

I can see her point

Everyone with an interest in the economy tanking, so as to exploit employees rapaciously for a few more quarters, is telling us the economy is about to tank. For example, this putz. Although, to be fair, the WSJ Op-Ed page is basically lies and propaganda so you have to take it all with a brick of salt.

And yet… the dollar keeps going up? Hmmm.

Good Points

He made some good points!

Oh yeah, there’s more. Click!

Police Training

The 60 rounds shot into Jayland Walker, we are told, were what one would expect based on the police training.

This is unsurprising to me, but not for the reasons that apologists would expect.

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