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As one who was raised celebrating an earlier and much more historically dubious release from slavery, I totally get Juneteenth.

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I have to say, however, that the bigger picture makes me sad. How cynical is the message of Rethuglicans’ enthusiastic support for making Juneteenth a national holiday? While they are also busting their butts to make sure Blacks cannot vote as easily as whites. Or that the history of the racism that has been the engine of American history is never taught in schools.

What’s astounding is that they think they can pull it off, and that a vote for another holiday will give them political cover for it. What’s saddening is that they are probably right.

History Lessons

Manchin can teach us a lot of surprising facts about the history and traditions of democracy.

Careful attention to these traditions can keep the capitalists and the Russians in charge for a long time, from an increasingly smaller minority.


The average is not automatically desirable.

The Rethuglicans are -900. The Democrats are basically clustered around, oh, let’s say +50. What we need is actually +75 or +100 (or, to be honest, +900)… but after four years of Pumpkin, the +50 would be a good start.

What Manchin thinks he’s going to deliver is -425.

What he’s really going to deliver is -900.

This analogy is now officially stressed enough to reinforce concrete.


Sometimes one sees things on the internet that make it clear why “SMDH”, “Shaking my damn head”, is part of the vernacular.

I have no idea if this is genuine or contrived.

Found in the wilds of reddit

The note taped under the toilet seat says, in case you have trouble reading it,

This chick just told me she has a boyfriend the morning after.

Sorry to tell you like this, but I’d want to know if I was you.

Sorry bro

Either way – it’s the epitome of SMDH. Maybe the little movie playing in your head right now actually occurred in real life. Or maybe someone cooked this up and created the note, just to garner attention.

Either way. SMDH.

History Scholars of the Future

Sometime in the future, this conversation may occur

Click thru for the whole context

It’s not in the interest of corporations and billionaires to allow this to be examined, so it has all but disappeared from “news” on TV.

My prediction for what will happen in terms of consequences — to all but the most insignificant players, the actual rioters — is what my British friends would call, “sweet fuck all.” Or, to use a more universal idiom,


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