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Is it OK for your hobby to resemble your work? My hobby is, apparently, my home computer network and its various servers and endpoints.

My latest project is a pretty big server (by home standards) with 64G of RAM and 32T (4 x 8T) of disk. I aim to have this take over a number of functions currently being done by a handful of smaller machines.

Now one of the 8T drives is showing early failures and I have to idle the thing until I can get a fresh one from the distributor.

My wife has made the probably wiser choice of hobby. Birding bears no resemblance whatsoever to her “day job.” Maybe I should have gone that route.

Oriole at the Feeder

How gorgeous is that?


It’s X-O’clock Somewhere


Finally, A Decision


  1. John Douglas Porter

    Absolutely gorgeous. I occasionally hear orioles way up in the trees at certain times of year, and every now and then catch a flash of orange. Having one come up to the house like that is … well, it’s unheard of, in my experience. Fantastic.

    That looks like a hummingbird feeder, yes? I wanna get me one of those. I just got back from visiting friends in Seattle, and she had Anna’s hummingbirds all over her feeder. Barely a day after coming home (mid-Atlantic) I saw a hummingbird (it would have to be a rubythroat) go zooming through the yard, so I know we (still) have them…

    • This is actually a purpose-built oriole feeder. You fill the little cups with grape jelly.

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