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Racist Much?

OK, who still thinks policing in this country is not racist? Doesn’t even have to be in the South.

Read this story from Michigan. Read how that one officer was so annoyed when he found out it was a poodle.

I am also reading reports from Black men of being stopped recently… repeatedly… for driving under the speed limit. 65 in a 70 is now “obstructing traffic.” Yet another hazard of DWB. Driving While Black.

The potential for harassment is infinite. And when you are a Black person in the USA being harassed by police, harassment will too often turn fatal.




Terrorists of the Right


  1. Thanks for the re-blog. It is my understanding that municipalities in Michigan use impeding traffic instead of speeding or other violations because if it’s a moving violation, part of the fine goes to the State. If it’s impeding traffic, the municipality keeps the entire amount of the fine. It’s ridiculous because policing citizens should not be a money maker. And people of color pay more than their fair share for something they cannot enjoy in peace.

    • Between the revenue “opportunity” and the just plain racism, it’s pretty plain that the exploitation continues to this day, even as slavery is no longer explicit.

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