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India Note #3 and Caturday

I really did love most of the food in India. It was alternately amusing and annoying to watch my Indian meal companions fretting about how I would react to the spice levels. Personally, I found none of the food overly hot. Spices were used appropriately. There were even a few things where I could have taken a bit more. My Indian friends and colleagues are probably not used to Americans handling indigenous flavors very well.

I was only served beef once, in biryani at a place in Kerala. I did not like it. The meat was overcooked for my taste, and a little tough. Meanwhile, the same kitchen treated both lamb and chicken beautifully.

I bring up the subject of beef because on my homeward journey I gave in to the temptation and visited…

I just had to try it.

I just had to try it: a Burger King, in India! Unlike the restaurant I mentioned above, this one has no beef on the menu. I selected the Mutton Whopper. Sadly, I cannot recommend it. The fries, however, were delicious.

I would skip #Caturday this week, had my furbabies not granted me a rare vision. They have seldom allowed us to see the cat tree with both of them settled on it, not since they were tiny kittens.

Sharing the Tree


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  1. Kat

    It sounds like you had a fruitful trip! Also I see you have been blessed with laser eyes.

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