In June of 2011, I saw this xkcd cartoon

I joined Google+ right around then. Even as I deleted my LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and pretty thoroughly ignored all other social media, I always kept my G+ postings fresh. It’s where I posted new blog entries, met up with Ingress folks, played silly games, you name it.

Now Google has announced – and then accelerated – plans to shut down Google+. So it’s time to move on. I have chosen a Diaspora pod called pluspora. It was set up specifically to house “refugees” from Google+. A lot of my stream is already posting to both places. Click here to accept my invite to join.

Here is the #signalflare I will be posting today on Google+

You can join me on pluspora by clicking here:

Here is my pluspora profile, if you’re curious:

You can also read my general/random topic blog here, and my online safety/security/privacy blog here.

This blog will continue to post links to new entries on Google+ as long as it allows, but will also be posting new entries on pluspora.