The 2nd Amendment should be scrapped.

And if you don’t value my opinion on the matter, maybe retired Justice John Paul Stevens can sway you.

No bit of law has ever been so abused, on such an industrial scale as this one.

Does anyone seriously dispute the rights of States to have a militia?  No. There’s a National Guard in all fifty.  And they are not having to withstand constant court challenges to their existence.  The black-letter law reason for the 2nd Amendment’s existence is a settled matter.

The other, more nefarious and cloaked reasons for these odious two clauses?  To preserve slavery.  That should also be settled, but it’s not.  Keeping this scrap of law around is only emboldening the proponents.

To enable mass slaughter in order to stoke fear and drive sales for NRA members; that is where the “well-ordered militia” clause of the law is so much toilet paper to advocates.  So, really only one clause.  Jim-Bob’s right to automatic weapons trumps your kids’ rights to continue using oxygen.

Bin it, bin it all.  If necessary, replace it with language protecting the States’ institutions of National Guard, with no ambiguity that implies your crazy uncle is allowed to have a rebranded M-16 or AK-47.