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Food Boxes

Trump Wants To Send Food Boxes Directly To Poor People, And End Food Stamp Program

Well isn’t this just ducky.  Let me lay out for you how this will play out’

  1. The net amount of the budget for food assistance to needy families will be reduced by about a third.  For starters.  They will be able to buy a whole sixteenth of an F35 or something.  Woo hoo.
  2. The contract for providing these will be given to some buddy or Pumpkin, or indirectly to one of his million or so sham front-companies.
  3. The food’s quality will be somewhere between Soylent Green and Zyklon-B
  4. No consequences because only brown people and Pumpkin base morons will suffer, and anyway IOKIYAR

Cynical much?  Nope, just lived through 2017.




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  1. Nancy Parker

    and homeless people won’t be able to receive any boxes. No address.
    and people who can’t eat the items in the box are SOL. The old guy with celiac disease will get pasta, no option to buy rice or potatoes instead. The mom struggling to feed her kids has her tiny allotment wasted on peanut butter that would kill her allergic child outright. Dairy allergy or lactose intolerance, you still get milk powder. The person with no cooking facilities gets dry beans and rice, no way to buy a can of spaghetti-Os or chili instead so he could actually, you know, EAT them.

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