The Daily Stormer is a Nazi (no neo-, just plain Nazi) website that helped coordinate the racist thugs who wrecked Charlottesville this past weekend, and then crowed when Pumpkin blamed the anti-fascists.

When you run a Nazi website, you really don’t want a lot of visibility from civilized folks.  In the past few days, they have been kicked out by Go-Daddy, then by Google.  Finally, today, CloudFlare pulled the plug.

Pretty awesome.  And Nordstrom’s didn’t even drop his daughter’s clothing line!

So where are they now?  Where have they found, to spew hate from?  The answer is… let me just say… as soon as you know it… you will exclaim what I did, and what I put at the top of this post:


The answer is, Daily Stormer is no longer a .com domain… it’s now; they’re now registered and hosted in Russia!


It makes perfect sense, after all.  The current crop of Nazis, pumpkin included, are so fond of Putin, it only makes sense that this is where their web presence should land.  I wonder if they could get a deal for hosting  I also wonder if Putin knows who Molotov and Ribbentrop were, and what Barbarossa was?

* link to NYT coverage, not hate-filled site