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The Poor Dears!

It’s sooo much trouble to whitewash police crimes when they have to go through the same courts as everyone else.  So Texas has done the only logical thing: legally authorized a separate criminal court system just for cops.

I may be a little bit of a cynic, but I had a tough time believing this was the real rationale:

I think this allows our first responders, if they’re suffering from a mental disorder, it allows them to get the help that they need so they can get back in society rather than send them through the criminal system.

Because in Texas, they are just all about taking mental illness or disability into account when meting out criminal justice!  Oh, wait.  No, they aren’t.

That’s a great article and you should go read it.  SPOILER ALERT it ends on a perfect note:

The problem with so many of these “blue lives matter” laws isn’t that lawmakers want to ensure that police officers accused of crimes are treated fairly, humanely and with dignity. It’s that it doesn’t seem to occur to them that the rest of the public deserves to be treated that way, too.

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