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Pharma Ads

Here’s the best Pharma Ad ever

This is a marvelously succinct send-up of two terrible aspects of health care “marketing”.  Pseudoscience garbage is bad enough.  But legitimate medications are being pushed at the uneducated, who are being told to ask for specific drugs by name for diagnoses they are instructed carefully how to imagine.

A responsible FDA would ban all that advertising outright, but “responsible” is not a word that can be associated with our executive branch this year.  Except in the negative sense similar to “guilty.”


Preakness Caturday


Works for Me!

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  1. We get ads for medicines here in NZ too, unlike most of the rest of the world. Aside from legitimate medicines, we are also bombarded with ads for hocus-pocus stuff claiming to “support” health in various ways. The NZ regulator has more gums than teeth (presumably as a result of using some magical gunk that “supports” tooth health!) so the pseudo-med-floggers are allowed to babble on about “support” with impunity, it seems.

    http://rationalwiki.org offers welcome relief, an antidote for all that marketing nonsense. It “supports” science and The Truth – not the news media or some politician’s version so far divorced from reality that it has long since settled down with another partner, raised a happy family and retired to the country.

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