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Why Lie?

“As you can see behind me, the Great Wall of China.” 

Why is the Trump White House just flat-out lying to the press daily?

  1. Lie outright.  Make it as stupid as you like. Don’t worry you’ll get caught in the lie.  In fact, that’s exactly what you want.
  2. CNN, the NY Times, the Washington Post, etc. call you out on the lie.  Don’t panic, this is according to plan.
  3. Double down on the lie.  Yes!  Give them some new catchy term to report like, “Alternative facts!”  They’re really walking into a trap.  Because…
  4. …it’s not about what the “liberal elites” believe.  It’s not about what the reality-based community believes.  It’s about what the base believes.

Even if the base is only 30-35% of the population, they are being forcefully trained to disbelieve anything that a journalist writes or broadcasts.  Not even Fox will be allowed to have credibility.

Breitbart or Stormfront will be information sources for one third of the country.

Think about how that will look in a couple of years.



Alternative Facts


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  1. Mark Richardson

    The guy needs to get his wife to dress him because of the Clash between his tie and the shirt they don’t match anymore than the picture and his statement.

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