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It Resonates

Graceland is a special album to me.  For one thing, as vinyl started to give way to CD as the day-to-day music medium, Graceland was my first CD.

For a while I traveled a lot, and if nothing else, Graceland went with me on every single trip.  At a time in my life when a lot of change was flowing through me, I came to regard the overall theme of the album as “courage in the face of the unknown.”

“That Was Your Mother” is the next-to-last cut on the album, and I have probably listened to it over two thousand times.  And like every track on Graceland, its music is heavily influenced by African styles.  So, too, is Zydeco, which is very much the vibe of this track.

Which Zydeco artist is name-checked by Simon in the lyrics?

Yep!  Clifton Chenier!

Is this significant?  Is this more important than exactly how Trump plans to implement trickle-down?  My answers are, “Probably not” and “Probably.”


The B Street Band


Jan 20 and 21


  1. Kat

    You know that whenever we hear “You Can Call Me Al” we think of you? It makes us very happy.

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