Isn’t it time for a top 10 list?  It must be, because Christmas is over but the calendar STILL says 2016.  It occurred to me that the best top 10 list to do would be the top 10 worst things that happened in this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year.  But today I find that task overwhelming, so maybe you’ll get that tomorrow. Or maybe you’ll get pictures of my cats.  For today, I present a list that you, my dear readers, have made for me: the top 10 most-visited posts on this blog.

When I pulled up the stats for this one, I noticed that the raw visits data showed that 5 of my top 10 (indeed, 7 of 20) were posted last year.  For the most part, this is due to the fact that some of my expositions about Ingress got themselves well-embedded in the search engines.  If I were trying to monetize this blog, there could be worse ideas than to write about Ingress all the time.  Thankfully, I do not have to do such a thing.

Since all those Ingress posts were written last year, I decided to filter for posts that were written this year.  So, without further ado, the top 10 most-visited posts here from 2016:

  1. Assange Wants Trump for President  Well he got it, and I hope he chokes on it.
  2. Quitting Mint So pretty, but so dangerous.
  3. There Will Always be Strong Encryption So use it!
  4. Why I Block Ads
  5. Coming Soon: Brontosaurus Emoji  And other reasons you should be reading XKCD.
  6. NY Demands Holes in your Phone’s Security  Just say no.
  7. JUST to be CLEAR Racist is as racist does.
  8. Ride for Pride – Done Until Next Year, and THANK YOU ALL!  Yes, I am doing it again in 2017.
  9. Dahell Did We Just Watch?  The ultimate dumpster fire, as it turned out.
  10. Why 10?  Or, 34,902 reasons to dump Windows.

I love it that the #10 post was about Windows 10.  Windows 10 is also my tenth choice for an OS to use, given any selection of 9.

In conclusion, about 2016: