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Standing Against Hate in Rochester

Hate crimes, encouraged and emboldened by the apparent electoral college victory of President Pumpkin, have sparked to life here in Rochester, NY.  Rainbow flags, displayed outside private homes, have been burned.


This is the home of Frederick Douglass, and Susan B. Anthony.  This is where the oldest continuously published LGBT newspaper in New York is published.

So today, we just got out and stood up against it.


It was just a little neighborhood rally, thrown together on Facebook just this morning.  But when they bring 2 haters, we will bring out 200 loving neighbors.

They cannot win!

Photos by Jill Frier




Safety Pin

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  1. Paul Stefanini

    If you know any LGBTQ folks rushing a wedding before it all goes dark or are maybe short on money and want photos pass them my email or I can DM you my number. I’d like to offer my services free of charge – I have the time, equipment, and training.

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