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Clowning Around with Fire

Trump’s proposed choices for cabinet are so ludicrous you have to think they’re parody.  Intentional, maybe?

Jerry Falwell Jr., a science denying, young-earth creationist, for Education?  Jeff Sessions, whose only issue with the KKK is their pot-smoking, for AG?  Ben Carson, arguably the world’s stupidest brain surgeon, for… anything?  The phrase, “he CAN’T be SERIOUS” keeps echoing in my head.

And now Hillary’s popular vote lead has passed 2 million votes, 1.5 percentage points.  The vote totals look very fishy in at least three swing states, enough to change the electoral margin in her favor.  Hard to believe she won’t challenge these.

If the Republic survives this shit-storm, it will be a new high in the resilience of human institutions.  Far beyond anything the Jedi… or even Hari Seldon… could have envisioned.



Walking / Bopping


Happy Turkey!


  1. Jacques Paquin

    You’re saying Trump is our Mule?

    • David Frier

      I have seen that thought floating through the intertubes

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