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I am changing employer soon.  Really doing the same kind of work, but in a new role with greater responsibility and some interesting challenges.

Someone attributed the fact that I look “way too happy” to the fact that I am now, officially a “short-timer.”  I guess I am visibly excited by the new things I will be getting to learn and do.  But I don’t care for the slacking-off image that the term connotes.  And I have no reason to slack off.  I will still be working close enough to my existing team to be affected by the issues I would create if I did!

However, I am definitely taking my Red Swingline Stapler with me.


It doesn’t bind up as much.



It’s Time


Paris Review

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  1. Jacques

    Is it a genuine Swingline 747?
    And do you have the red Office Space edition? I sadly do not, mine is just maroon. But Julie does have that lovely red 747.

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