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Humans – Not Very Smart

So… this happened.

Feeding off the news that Google was acting to redirect people searching it for how to join ISIS, this noted person on Twitter, Stephan Heck, tweeted thusly:

which gave you this


You will notice that the (fake!) Google Search results screen shows the supposed redirection of ISIS-searches to information about Einstein, the world’s smallest horse.

So many people had to check this out, it moved the needle on Google search stats:


And now the CIA or FBI or someone just got a huge spike in the noise level for this concern.  Yay.

Why is it, that there are so many more horses’ asses than horses?


I never get tired…


It’s a Miracle!

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  1. Jacques

    I will have to give those people who searched credit. They didn’t automatically believe something they got forwarded to them or read on the internet. They checked it out to see if it actually happened. And if that’s the FBIs primary method of finding sympathizers then we’re in trouble.

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