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Is Trump:Brexit::USA:UK?


Trump and BFF Nigel Farage

Trump campaigned yesterday with Nigel Farage, former head of the explicitly racist UK Independence Party, and one of the chief architects of Brexit.  I guess Farage is in exile now, so he fills his days with trying to help a white bro out and support the explicitly racist Republican Party.

So, with thanks to +John Wehrle who wrote the text here:

Note to US voters I know:

If you brexit America by helping to elect Donald Trump I . . .

will not calmly discuss our differences of opinion . . .
will not consider your actions to be acts of conscience . . .
will not try to see things from your point of view . . .

No, I will assume you are a bigoted, xenophobic, near-sighted fool intent on throwing every vulnerable human being in the country beneath the treads of your seething, salivating, absurd anger.

If you feel the need to unfollow me because of this, be my guest.

NB: this assumption applies to those who vote for Trump as well as those who vote against his main opposition, Hillary Clinton, in the general election. If you’re just not voting then I have different assumptions and the consolation that politics has already accounted for your absence.

This is a pinned post on my G+ profile.  And yes, the only action anyone can take that will help stop Trump now is, voting for Hillary.  You don’t have to like it.  I don’t expect to like it!  But you have to do it.



The Only Supergroup


Bad Trump/Sanders Analogy


  1. David Frier

    Whether that’s true or not (btw: it’s not) we’re not going to have comment threads here that resemble playground name-calling contests.

    If you want to discuss your ideas about this election kindly use mature verbiage and people’s real names.

    If that’s not available to you, the un-follow button is right over there.

    • jess

      As a former Federal Civil Service employee who was reprimanded for sending 1 email from my personal gmail account to my Federal Supervisor that said “i am sick. i will not be into the office today” I take issue to the fact that HILLARY CLINTON can have: a private email server, share “X” class documents (that is above TOP SECRET), and remain in federal service. Not only does she remain in federal service, but she is inline for a large promotion; still has security clearance above TS. This is pernicious.

      My supervisor informed me what i should have done was come to my federal office sick, and send said email from my government email account and server because of FOIA. I ask: WHAT MAKES HILLARY CLINTON ABOVE THE SAME REGULATIONS OTHER FEDERAL EMPLOYEES ARE HELD TOO?

      I was terminated from federal employment over 1 email. I ask again: Why does Hillary Clinton 1) still have a federal job? and 2) why is she even eligible for the presidency?

      Maybe I should feel privileged because Kristian Saucier recently got a year in the brig for a photo of a submarine. I lost my job; not my freedom.

      Now, couple this with White Water (from Bill’s presidency), Benghazi, Travelgate, Vince Foster, the Clinton Foundation (pay to play), Norman Hsu, the removal of Hillary from a board of advisers in the 1970s (before i was born), sniper fire, jorge cabrera, and the list goes on… and on…

      Hilary Clinton is not ethical, at least not more ethical than The Donald. Thus, in my opinion not fit for the Oval office. Moreover, her liberal PC rhetoric is verbal slight of hand equatable to fascism. I might not like The Donald’s rhetoric, or tone, but at least I know he’s telling me how he really feels about any given subject.

      Finally, I attest that the general American public can be likened to the Roman mob. In Rome they had the Colosseum (or Coliseum). Spectacles of games to entertain while the empire collapsed. In modern times we have late night TV- Jimmy Kimmel, and that now ever so famous pickle jar.

      • David Frier

        I do love the smell of non-sequitur in the morning.

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