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Who dropped the ball on telling me about this last year?

This is the only show of this genre I have ever seen where the tech discourse is, at least, plausible.

No spoilers please. Catching up through S1.


Many People Who Look Like Me Need to STFU About…




  1. Jacques

    My bad…. I watch so many things, so many of them just fluff, I never thought to mention this to you. Heads up, there are buried easter eggs Mr.Robot.

    on to new shows, we just watched the first two episodes of a new Netflix series entitled “Stranger Things”. I’m reminded of the feeling I got when starting the X Files. Don’t know if you have Netflix, if so, it’s worth a try.

    • David Frier

      We binged Stranger Things this weekend. Jill liked it, I did not.

      We’re now through S2E1 of Mr Robot. I need to go back and get a still of that QR code in his notebook.

      • jacques

        Julie was “What are you doing?” Pulling up my QR scanner!

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