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The Movie is Never as Good as the Book

I reread The Lord of the Rings with the Hobbit and the Appendices every few years, and am currently at about twenty times through it all, since I first came across it in 1972.

On the other hand, I have watched each movie once only, and don’t really expect to again. ┬áThis clip illustrates a few of the reasons why.


Two of my favorite things in the world




  1. Jacques

    What a strange coincidence….. I’ve had the 3 parts of the Hobbit around forever and last night I decided to finally watch them, finishing with the Battle of the Five Armies this morning just before reading your post. A little confused by some additions and subtractions from the story….. but as is frequently the case in science fiction and fantasy movie adaptations of books, I take the movies as a separate tale. (Think of the many interpretations of Dune). I enjoyed it, but it will *never* match what I saw in my minds eye and the way my heart raced the first time I read Tolkien. And like you I feel the books are worth reading many times, and I have, but I can say my count is much less than 20.

    • David Frier

      We were so disappointed with the LotR movies (bad, VERY bad, and meh) that we almost didn’t go see any of the Hobbit. Then the first Hobbit movie made us decide, we’ll wait for HBO to get the rest.

      Ridiculous to have made the Hobbit into three movies. I will say this about a few of the additions: they sorta-kinda- track what JRRT tells us was going on contemporaneously to Bilbo’s journey.

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