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Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens (Spoilers Obfuscated)

Even mild spoilers will be in ROT-13 “encryption”.

So this is the movie we’ve been waiting for, these 32 years.  I am not a professional movie reviewer or a scholar of film.  But my hot-take is: Wow!

Fbzr crbcyr ner pbzcynvavat, Jura ner gurl tbvat gb dhvg znxvat gur fnzr zbivr bire naq bire ntnva, jvgu gur fnzr cybg funcr, gur fnzr znfgre/sngure if fghqrag/fba pbasyvpg, gur fnzr vaperqvoyl cbjreshy fhcrejrncba jvgu n pevgvpny jrnxarff, gur fnzr JJVV svtugre cvybg fbhaqgenpx sbe Crgr’f fnxr…!?

I say to these people, oh ungrow up!  They’ll stop doing that when it stops being good, and fun, and satisfying!  Which is, I hope, never!

Vg’f pyrne gung Erl vf tbvat gb gnxr gur Sbepr vagb arj greevgbel.  Naq Svaa ybbxrq cerggl unaql jvgu n yvtugfnore, gbb.  Vf ur Sbepr-frafvgvir?  Bar bs zl dhrfgvbaf vf, jura qvq gur fgbezgebbcref nyy fgbc orvat pybarf?  Orpnhfr Svaa znl unir nyy xvaqf bs jbaqreshy dhnyvgvrf ohg ur’f pyrneyl ab pybar bs gur Srgg yvar.

We saw this in IMax 3D, and we were impressed and pleased not to be hammered with obtrusive 3D effects for their own sake, but rather letting the 3D aspects serve the film and stay mostly out of the way.  I like 3D most when I stop noticing it.


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  1. Jacques

    Thank you! Julie and I are on Episode 3, so we have a bit before we’ll be out to see it, but good to know it’s recommended without a single spoiler. Very much appreciated.

    Now how much of your audience knows ROT13? 🙂

    • David Frier

      As we say in the old country, hamvin yavin

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