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Why Lie?

Why are Republicans allergic to the truth?  One substantive claim after another, just tracking the GOP Primary Debates, is shown to be false.

In the most recent debate, on CNBC, Christie claimed that it’s more dangerous than ever to be a cop.  As you can expect, therefore, the exact opposite is true, and by pretty much any measure you care to choose.


A site like Politifact tries very hard to be non-partisan, but browse their “pants-on-fire” category and see which party predominates.  Why?

Part of the Republican strategy is messing with truth.  Part of the Republican strategy is forcing news coverage to spew wave after wave of non-reality for no other reason than that a supposedly competent Republican candidate said it.

Republicans want to destroy government as an effective force for anything other than spending enormous sums of money on weapons.  In order to do this, they must create the impression (by making it so!) that all of the members of the government are just utterly disconnected from reality.


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  1. Jacques

    It seems to go along something that I’ve noticed, the right wing seems to live in fear of other people. This falls right into that category. But they seem to have no fear of what Mother Nature has in store for us.

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