Mo. State Senator Kurt Schaefer is attempting to block a University of Missouri PhD candidate’s research on the effect that the state’s anti-choice enforced waiting period for abortions has on women in the state.  story here

Schaefer sent a letter to the University in which he called Ruhr’s dissertation “a marketing aid for Planned Parenthood — one that is funded, in part or in whole, by taxpayer dollars.”  Read the whole letter here. 

Schaefer is chairman of the Missouri senate’s “Committee on the Sanctity of Life”.  It’s hard to imagine what the brief of such a committee would be, other than harassing and slut-shaming women who find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy.  Sanctity.  It seems what they really mean is, Sanctimony.

This is truly one of those areas where men — especially Sen Schaefer — just need to follow Claire McCaskill’s superb advice as seen here: