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Sysinternals! Sigcheck!

If you run or support Windows systems, you are missing a bet if you do not use the suite of Sysinternals tools by Mark Russinovich.

He just released a new version of a tool called Sigcheck.  So simple!  Sigcheck reports on the file version number, timestamp information, and digital signature details, including certificate chains. You can also check a file’s status on VirusTotal, and upload a file for scanning there.  It runs at the command line and is a self-contained EXE, so it’s portable as soon as you get it.

How obvious a sanity check is this?  Run this against the Windows directory and establish a baseline when you install fresh, or immediately pinpoint anything suspicious to investigate further should there be a possible compromise.

Another one of the easy things you can do to be sure you have a clean system.


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  1. Jacques

    Ugh. Can’t I have an OS that’s secure do that for me?

    • David Frier

      Put it in a scheduled task. Daily? Hourly?

      Send the output to your logger.

      Trigger on anomalies.

      This is not advanced stuff anymore 🙂

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