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Scott Adams is Off the Deep End

Scott Adams may be a perfect storm between the Peter Principle and the Dunning-Kruger Effect.  The success of his cunningly poorly-drawn comic strip mocking the foibles of the modern workplace has convinced him that he is the World’s Greatest Expert.

On what, you ask?  Well… everything!  If you go to the Dilbert website you will find links to his blog where he splains.   For example: Donald Trump is going to win the Presidency in a landslide… because… hypnosis.  Uh.  yeah.  And it’s just about all rather like that.

Adam has written a book of philosophy called God’s Debris.  One of those words in the title suits it well.  His autobiography is called, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life.  From the very title we can properly infer that the accurate contents would be, “I was SO F*ING LUCKY!!!”… but he can’t take his own hint.

He’s always seemed a little bit tinfoil-hat, a little bit survivalist-bunker to me, but for the past few weeks I have been managing to enjoy the strips by carefully resisting the temptation to click on the links to the awfulness that I like to call, “Everything Scott Adams Produces That Is Not Dilbert”.  So until I happened across this article in TheMarySue.com I did not know he’d gone full Men’s Rights Advocate on our unsuspecting asses.  Here’s your TL,DR: the world is unfair to men because men have to be nice to women and women still get to decide whether or not to have sex with them.

I went to the Dilbert site to read it and I can tell you this: TheMarySue was actually pretty nice to him.  His rambling point, after the standard MRA whining about women-rule-the-world-boo-hoo-political-correctness is, that here’s how we defeat Da’esh:  Tell all the teenage boys in the Muslim world,

If you kill infidels, you will be rewarded with virgins in heaven. But if you kill your own leaders today – the ones holding the leash on your balls – you can have access to women tomorrow. And tomorrow is sooner.

So this, at the end, is the penalty we pay for rewarding the author of a satirical-about-work comic so richly that he literally thinks he is The Only One Around Here Who Knows Anything: his solution to Da’esh is to incite the youth of its territory to rape, and he’s got people reading that tripe and nodding.



You cannot say…


Recovering from Religion


  1. Damian Trasler

    To be fair, I think your last interpretation is a bit harsh. He’s not inciting them to rape (me, taking the extract you have provided, rather than going all the way to his website), he’s implying that removing the heavy religious restrictions on everything will mean they can have casual sex in the same way that Western teenagers can. If they don’t live in Texas, or some other third world state.

    • David Frier

      I agree with what you’re saying. But I also think that the Muslim teens Scott is trying to address DO live in Third World states not *even* as good as Texas.

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