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Voter Fraud

A fraud is being perpetrated on the voters, and it’s the idea that “vote fraud” is a problem.

Ever since Red states got all concerned about vote fraud, it has been painfully obvious that what they are really after is making sure that only the Fox News demographic, angry old white men, can meaningfully vote in their elections.

The writeup at Daily Kos has a good summary of what’s going on.  “Voter Island” seems absurd now….  But hey, admit it: a year ago, if I had told you that Alabama would be closing all the DMV offices in black-populated parts of the state to make sure the true intent of their Voter ID law was fulfilled, you’d have told me I was being a paranoid loony.


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Venn Diagram of BS


Racist Joke


  1. Jacques

    And all their efforts should come under increased scrutiny when their declared intentions, eliminating voter fraud, are proved to be a straw man.


  2. Well, since 4:30 10/20/2015 I heard it’s been hashed out. That gal threatened to sic the Feds on them. They reopened them. One day a week, just as it used to be. Those guy’s that do this are under a microscope now.
    My question is why doesn’t everybody have their I.D. already? They need to evolve. I remember having to drag around my birth certificate until Oregon issued one on plastic, like a credit card. Couldn’t work or file an IRS form without one. I’ve been a serial bride and every time I got my name changed I had to go get MY I.D. changed to my new name. I used to tend bar and had my purse stolen a couple times. I went to the DMV so many times they threatened to “red flag” me. ( Which I worried about like I did a mark in my school file – poo)
    The thing is, why is this still a story? Why aren’t these guy’s able to take their picture I.D s and shove them up some yakkity yuks nose hole by now?
    We are in an enlightening stage in our technologically developed cyber world but do officials working at a state employee or city level still live that are totally unaware of how life works now? That we can see them? How can a person politely tell them they are on camera one because they have offended the collective mentality?

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