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The scary thing…

…is, I am not sure that he knows he’s lying.



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  1. Jacques

    I’m not sure he’s lying about anything. His imaginary god is just as real as everybody else’s god(s).

    He’s just wrong.

    • David Frier

      OK, the difference between lying and “just wrong” is the former knows it’s not true?

      Do we think he genuinely believes that he is doing this at a god’s behest?

      • Jacques Paquin

        Yeah, I do believe he believes he’s doing it at god’s request.

        And that’s scary because what else will he do when he sees “signs”?

        Will he believe that God has told him it’s time to purge the earth again, climb into his ark- a nuclear fallout shelter and start World War III by pushing a button?

        It’d be far less scary if he didn’t believe and was just a megalomaniacal liar.

        • David Frier

          I think the ridonkulous amount of money he’s scraping from the campaign-experience (side book tours, speaking gigs) mean that he really is cynically cashing in.

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