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Do you Ever Forget your First?


I picked my first lock today.  A Master No. 3; they say it’s one of the easiest.  It must be true because I basically watched a YouTube video for about 2 minutes, and then went after it.  It popped on the fourth try.

I may be late to the lock-picking party but I will probably continue to do this on a hobbyist level.  I see the benefit for information security people: the vulnerabilities are hidden from view but laughably easy to exploit once you understand how the whole mechanism works.



The scary thing…


How Many Lies Can One Headline Tell?


  1. Jacques

    That’s something that’s always fascinated me. Still haven’t picked up the tools.

    I worked the computer lab in my very short stint at college. One evening I took apart the labs lock, lots of pins and springs everywhere. I really wasn’t expecting things to go SPRONG when i opened it. Got it all back together and working beautifully. Or so I thought. The next week one of my lab coworkers told me that due to new security protocols we had to place the trash out in the hallway when we locked up for the night. Apparently the janitorial staff no longer had access to the lab. And everyone just went along with it, no questions asked. I’m not sure whether I learned more about door locks or bureaucracy from that experience.

    • David Frier

      Sounds like you rearranged the pins putting it back together, unintentionally re-keying it.

      • Jacques Paquin

        Yup, keyed it back to my lowly user key. But not the master key. But everyone believed it had been done to “secure” the computer lab.

        Yup because everyone wanted to steal those DEC printing terminals.

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