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Slavery Comes in Several Forms

Every GOP policy on social or women’s issues boils down to this:

Fear and fake religion are the excuses they offer. ┬áBut what they really want out of it is cheap labor. ┬áPeople who say that the Civil War wasn’t about slavery but about economics either know they are lying or are too oblivious to be allowed outside without keepers.

And the war over slavery is still being fought, the lines have just shifted a bit.


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  1. Vincent

    Shockingly ignorant. I can’t believe in the age of the Internet when facts can be checked and double checked still some people push this totally fake narrative. Brainwashed, you are…

    • David Frier

      Sorry, I realize this does not fit the Fox News mythology.

      Stupid facts, messing with perfectly good greed!

  2. Steve kalman

    Slavery was cheap labor. Ending slavery drove up costs. How is that not about economics?

    Other things too, of course, but nothing so transcendent is only about one thing.

    • David Frier

      Right – my point is that slavery and economics are approximately the same thing.

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