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President Obama Gets It

Here you can read the story of how 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed got arrested for being a geek.  Well, he was also being Muslim, brown and in Texas, so really, being a geek was probably not required.

Ahmed made a digital clock and brought it to school to show his engineering teacher.  That teacher wisely advised him not to show it to any other teachers.  Because of course, to a bunch of ignorant crackers in Irving, Texas, what would a brown Muslim kid build that has a digital display other than a bomb?  Obviously!  [where’s that Sarcasm font when you need it? –DCF]

Unfortunately, the clock started beeping in his bag during another class.  When that teacher saw it, she freaked RIGHT the hell out, and called the school police.  Ahmed was handcuffed, arrested, charged with being brown and Muslim (only they called it, “making a hoax bomb“), and suspended from school for three days.

Well, the story blew up on the ‘net.  That’s not always a good thing but this time it is.  This morning, President Obama tweeted:





It’s a Start


Clock is to Jail as Nuclear Reactor is to …?


  1. anton

    How come you haven’t tagged this “racism” since its clearly a case of racism on the part of the Texans, the English teacher and the police.

    What? The police had a quota to fill?
    Is this something to do with “Performance metrics” and how they get their bonuses or rated for promotion?

    OBTW: the problem with a “sarcasm font” is that you” also need a “Cynicism font” and an an “Irony font”. Or is it hashtags? or those cute little face icons? Where can I get a set of face icons for Sarcasm, Cynicism and Irony?

    • David Frier

      You are correct – I fixed the tag

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