…but a mind — or the liberty to use theirs — would be nice.

Online customer service chat transcript from today:

Initial Question: Even though the tracking says delivered on Sep 12, this never arrived. I believe it was misadressed by the shipper. Mail delivery to the location I had it shipped DOES NOT OCCUR ON SATURDAYS!

02:45 AM PDT Laxmi: Hello, my name is Laxmi. I’m here to help you today.
02:45 AM PDT David C Frier: hi
02:46 AM PDT Laxmi: Hi, there.
I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t receive the order yet.  However, I’ll be happy to look into that and help you further.
02:47 AM PDT David C Frier: I assume you can read the exchange of emails I have already had with the seller
02:48 AM PDT Laxmi: Yes, I can.
Just to be sure, have you contacted the seller already?
02:48 AM PDT David C Frier: I thought you said…
oh nevermind
02:49 AM PDT David C Frier: Yes, I have contacted the seller already
02:50 AM PDT Laxmi: Thanks for confirming that.


And then she went on to give me the credit I needed for the order that never got here.  But the clanking question about contacting the seller turned what would have been a very good experience into a real teeth-grinder.

When Customer Service operations treat their employees like idiots, they treat their customers like idiots, too.